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Other EISCAT facilities

The EISCAT Scientific Association operates a number of other instruments to enhance and compliment results from the incoherent scatter radars.
Ionospheric Heating Facility
The Heating facility is situated next to the UHF and VHF incoherent scatter radars and is used for ionospheric modification experiments applying high-power transmissions of high-frequency electro-magnetic waves to study plasma parameters in the ionosphere. The name Heating stems from the fact that these high power electromagnetic waves, which are transmitted into the ionosphre with high-gain atennas, heat the electrons and thus modify the plasma state. To create plasma turbulence, the transmitted frequencies have to be close to the plasma resonances, which are 4 to 8 MHz.
The Dynasonde is a digital HF sounder covering ca. 1-30 MHz. It is sometimes refered to as a frequency agile sounder, or Advanced Ionospheric Sounder, hence the acronym FAIS for the software which is used to run it. It can be run like an ionosonde or in other modes such as fixed frequency soundings, even like a partial reflection sounder. The Dynasonde is used in conjunction with the Heating facility at times making it a powerful HF radar. Another new variant is to use a fixed frequency for so-called IDI (Imaging Doppler Interferometry). The latest and previous soundings are available from this site.