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UK EISCAT Support Group:

The UK EISCAT Group supports the work of scientists in those UK research groups using EISCAT data as part of their scientific programme, by providing a computing service, database, analysis programs, data handling software and assistance with the development and implementation of radar experiments. The size of the group is 1 FTE, split between the group members.

EISCAT Group Leader
Ian McCrea, RAL Space, Member of the EISCAT Council (e-mail)

Scientific User Support
Mervyn Freeman, BAS, UKRI Delegate to the EISCAT Council (e-mail)
Andrew Kavanagh, BAS, Member of EISCAT Science Advisory Committee (e-mail)
Yulia Bogdanova, RAL Space, Member of Cluster SOWG (e-mail)

System and Data Managment Advisors
Steve Crothers, RAL Space, (e-mail)
Matthew Wild, RAL Space, (e-mail)