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In March 2004, the EISCAT Scientific Association submitted a proposal for a Design Study for a new incoherent scatter radar, which is planned to replace the existing UHF and VHF radar systems. The consortium putting forward the proposal comprises the EISCAT Scientific Association, the University of Tromso, the University of Lulea and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. The proposal was reviewed under EU framework 6, and it seems likely that it will be funded to a level of approximately 2 million Euros over four years, beginning in May 2005.
Scientific case for a new phased array radar
The following science case for a new EISCAT phased array radar in mainland Scandinvia was evolved by the EISCAT Scientific Advisory Committee in October 2003, and endorsed by EISCAT Council at its meeting in November of that year.
EU Framework 6 Design Study Proposal
The following proposal for a design study into a potential new EISCAT mainland radar was submitted in March 2004, under EU Framework 6.
WP8 report (26 August 2005)
An initial draft of the first report on Work Package 8, due to be presented at the Design Study Specification Meeting in Kiruna, September 13-14 2005.